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GoodPosted by Doran Arce 2014-02-05

Its fun but can't turn the volume down so when I'm listening to music I hear the game too

Need to beUpgrade ablePosted by mike fauteux 2014-02-04

U should be able to get better cars and upgrade them

ThisPosted by Rikki-James Devine 2014-01-28

Game is pretty clumsy I keep on crashing

I would love toPosted by Lakesha Mcdowell 2014-01-21

I like it

GoodPosted by Sophie Kemp 2014-01-18

Not that good

KoolPosted by Stephanie Avila 2014-01-13

Awesome sauces

Posted by Natalie Salazar 2013-12-17

Soooooooo awesome

Cool game the best game is mindcraft pocket editionPosted by Scott Thompson 2013-11-20

Cool game thoe

OkPosted by Jackie Alvarez 2013-11-15

Its ok hard but if your good you will get the hang of it

Hill Club Racing still king.Posted by Myron Adams 2013-09-07

This game is OK, but it can't top the king of the hill that it Hill Climb Racing. And in the description, it says "the greatest hill racing game", I think not.

Not for mePosted by robert wallace 2013-08-02

Would be better if the gangnam song was the primary sound

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