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Gangnam racingPosted by Andre Bennett 2015-04-28

It is stupid.I reccomend not to play.

MotoPosted by Usama Sohail 2015-04-23

This is very healthy man

I'm sorryPosted by Patty Demmin 2015-04-02


207. LawrencePosted by Tashawna Holloway 2015-01-02


Posted by Barbara Juan 2014-08-13

Super boring

You no me my name is yoyoadnanPosted by Abbas Qureshi 2014-07-17

Qureshi king

Posted by Nisreen Elayyan 2014-05-29


Can't even download this thingPosted by Ashley D'vaz 2014-05-10

I tried three times so far today and failed

Posted by Jet Lae 2014-04-27

This game is the worst!!!!!! :(

Worst gamesPosted by Kim Aldrin Santos 2014-02-23

BOOOOOOOOOOO BOOPosted by Kevin Gonzalez 2014-02-14

Eww really boo

Remove the notificationsPosted by Marek Halmo 2014-01-11

The game is ok but remove the notifications! Why does the app keep working on background when I close it and eats up battery on an backgrouns service just to display some stupid notifications? Uninstalling!

HumPosted by CALEB FITCH 2013-12-28

I agree with Myron Adams it says best racing game if you know racing games then you know hill climb racing is top game

Sluggish controlsPosted by Brian White 2013-12-12

Hard to play, harder to exit.

wowPosted by Jesse Jenkins 2013-10-25

seriously the worst game ive ever played i wish i could take stars away

Posted by A Google User 2013-09-29

It should work for every phone!!!

DreadfulPosted by Michael McCray 2013-09-07

Horrible copy of a good game, get hill climb racing instead..

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