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Posted by Yuvanath Ramya 2017-03-23


TomtomPosted by A Google User 2017-02-22

its hard,REALLY HARD!!!!!!!

Gangnam stylePosted by Allan Yonty 2016-11-13


Allan. and. maellePosted by Bertille Kuisso Ponkam 2016-05-22


Good. jobPosted by Gustave Yonty 2016-05-10


روووووووووعععععععععععععهPosted by yman alhaj 2015-09-21


Posted by muhammad abdullah 2015-08-04


Awesome!Posted by Samantthacaarrney Carneyy 2015-07-15

I would love to see different styles of scenery but overall me and my 3 year old daughter like. Keep up the good work

Lol love itPosted by dominzine guillen 2015-06-12

Its awesome

Gangnam racingPosted by Andre Bennett 2015-04-28

It is stupid.I reccomend not to play.

MotoPosted by Usama Sohail 2015-04-23

This is very healthy man

I'm sorryPosted by Patty Demmin 2015-04-02


MastPosted by Praveen Kumar 2015-04-01

Bas khela jao

LolPosted by Jayden Blanks 2015-03-02


Posted by Bailey Squires 2015-02-21

Good game

Posted by Shyam Sarda 2015-01-24

Gamgam yoyo style

OkPosted by Breydon Dunlap 2015-01-20

Needs the song

207. LawrencePosted by Tashawna Holloway 2015-01-02


NicePosted by NITIN RAJPUT 2014-12-17

Graet apps

Posted by Loubi morrill-tiler 2014-12-09

It is realy good

Posted by Sakshi Ji 2014-11-09

No comments

4 starsPosted by Niya Parham 2014-11-04

Kinda hard

Posted by mariyam wafa 2014-10-19

What d hell is this...i cant download this game......

Gangnam RacingPosted by Nurbahyah Wirdad 2014-10-13

Best , awesome , great&good

Best game......Posted by Ariful Ahmed 2014-10-10

No word to say.......

Posted by sacyaa awza 2014-10-09

love it

Varry crazyPosted by Shukri Yanie 2014-10-01


:-)Posted by Jennifer Jaques 2014-09-18


Gangnam racingPosted by catieo o 2014-09-14

Fun car racing game

gangnam racingPosted by jessa dichos 2014-09-14


BobyPosted by Boby Nayak 2014-09-14


Posted by Precious Beautiful 2014-08-17


Posted by Barbara Juan 2014-08-13

Super boring

Posted by Adeeb Sheriff 2014-07-24

Opang gangnam style

You no me my name is yoyoadnanPosted by Abbas Qureshi 2014-07-17

Qureshi king

Posted by Shoukat Marri 2014-07-16


I know the idea for the game came from Hill Climb but this game is awesome on it's own. I play both games and switch from Hills to Gangnam when I get Posted by Quinn Mallory 2014-07-03


Posted by Raffe jehad 2014-06-19

Love it

Gamnam stylePosted by Leonardo Sanchez 2014-05-31


Posted by Nisreen Elayyan 2014-05-29


GoodPosted by Ayan Hassan 2014-05-20


Can't even download this thingPosted by Ashley D'vaz 2014-05-10

I tried three times so far today and failed

Thank youPosted by M Squad 2014-05-04

I am so glad that you guys made this thank you

Posted by Marlin Felder 2014-04-28

Love the sing

Posted by Jet Lae 2014-04-27

This game is the worst!!!!!! :(

Posted by Eric Stewart 2014-04-26

Awesome game gaming Thank you

Gangnam racingPosted by Martha Porch 2014-04-20

It's awesome ! ever besises sub way surfPosted by Pauline Jones 2014-04-18

Lol this game is cray cray and its good for me

Posted by Omar Adel 2014-04-08


AwsomePosted by Vidya Nurfani 2014-03-20

Is good and cool!

How many things?Posted by MJ Moffett 2014-03-15

Has this guy in it?

Gangnam racingPosted by Edi Santoso 2014-03-15

Gangnam rscing

DogPosted by Tj Perez 2014-03-10


Gagnam racingPosted by Bashira Mosaheb 2014-03-09

How cool

Nice game, controls are a bit cluncky but not badPosted by Tracey Auterson 2014-03-06

CoolPosted by lupe alex zuniga 2014-02-23


Worst gamesPosted by Kim Aldrin Santos 2014-02-23

ZizooPosted by ibrahim amir 2014-02-23


awssomePosted by Namara Shaikh 2014-02-21

nice supper game

AwesomePosted by Sandra Bernal 2014-02-15

I think this game is really cool and it seems really interesting for other people to play people if you heard of this game to try and download for once and if you think it's interesting than keep it if you don't then then just downloaded the way you should try this going to be a good you should you should rate this all 5 stars because I think that this is really outstanding;););););)

919Posted by Camryn Reid 2014-02-15

BOOOOOOOOOOO BOOPosted by Kevin Gonzalez 2014-02-14

Eww really boo

LovePosted by Angelique Silva 2014-02-13

This ga,e reminds me the video

YesPosted by Alfie Ayling 2014-02-09


GoodPosted by Doran Arce 2014-02-05

Its fun but can't turn the volume down so when I'm listening to music I hear the game too

Need to beUpgrade ablePosted by mike fauteux 2014-02-04

U should be able to get better cars and upgrade them

Very exciting gamePosted by Rai Siwani 2014-02-03

Very good

AwesomenessPosted by Zharia Scott 2014-01-28

Love it!

ThisPosted by Rikki-James Devine 2014-01-28

Game is pretty clumsy I keep on crashing

ExcellentPosted by T Mukundan 2014-01-26

Exelent game awesome for android

I would love toPosted by Lakesha Mcdowell 2014-01-21

I like it

AwesomePosted by Kidz Lorentzen 2014-01-18


GoodPosted by Sophie Kemp 2014-01-18

Not that good

GagnamPosted by Suhaimah wati 2014-01-17

Like it.Want it.Download Now!

Posted by Jakob Neate 2014-01-14

It is sòoooo cooool!!!!

KoolPosted by Stephanie Avila 2014-01-13

Awesome sauces

Remove the notificationsPosted by Marek Halmo 2014-01-11

The game is ok but remove the notifications! Why does the app keep working on background when I close it and eats up battery on an backgrouns service just to display some stupid notifications? Uninstalling!

AwesomePosted by Charles King 2014-01-05

Love the sound of the car. Nice and LOUD.

Sarfaraj khanPosted by Sarfraj Khan 2014-01-01


#PsPosAPosted by mahmoud antka 2013-12-30

it's very nice aPP

HumPosted by CALEB FITCH 2013-12-28

I agree with Myron Adams it says best racing game if you know racing games then you know hill climb racing is top game

Dis is a cuuuuu gamePosted by Jesus Estrada 2013-12-18

Dis is da oder cuuuuuuuuuuu game I relly like

Posted by Natalie Salazar 2013-12-17

Soooooooo awesome

MuhammedPosted by aqşin Qudretzade 2013-12-14


An OKAY!!!Posted by Prince Jaze 2013-12-12

This is just an ok game

Sluggish controlsPosted by Brian White 2013-12-12

Hard to play, harder to exit.

Same timePosted by Edson Perez 2013-11-27

Playing Hill Climb Racing and the same guy who sings Gangnam Style.

Posted by Jason Moralez 2013-11-26

It's a pretty cool game

SamsungPosted by Kurt Bryan Libanan 2013-11-22


Cool game the best game is mindcraft pocket editionPosted by Scott Thompson 2013-11-20

Cool game thoe

HiPosted by sumit kumar 2013-11-17


OkPosted by Jackie Alvarez 2013-11-15

Its ok hard but if your good you will get the hang of it

NicePosted by raman vishal 2013-11-05

Very good

GreatPosted by Julie Lewis 2013-11-04


SenthilPosted by B SENTHIL KUMAR 2013-10-27


wowPosted by Jesse Jenkins 2013-10-25

seriously the worst game ive ever played i wish i could take stars away

Posted by Vinu Jadhav 2013-10-05


Posted by A Google User 2013-09-29

It should work for every phone!!!

WorstPosted by Ihjas Fathima 2013-09-29

Don't take this game cauz its nice

روعة وربيPosted by SNAP: OBAEDAC7 2013-09-26


MahamaPosted by Carleeta Walker 2013-09-18


DreadfulPosted by Michael McCray 2013-09-07

Horrible copy of a good game, get hill climb racing instead..

Hill Club Racing still king.Posted by Myron Adams 2013-09-07

This game is OK, but it can't top the king of the hill that it Hill Climb Racing. And in the description, it says "the greatest hill racing game", I think not.

Awesome greatPosted by Steve Lamson 2013-09-01

If you like hill climb racing you'll enjoy this one as well.Needs a couple of bugs fixes but good all-in-all

Posted by venu Kapali 2013-08-29


Posted by Debbie Matthews 2013-08-28


Wow!!!Posted by Tee Keong Yeow 2013-08-18

Very good! I like it

Not for mePosted by robert wallace 2013-08-02

Would be better if the gangnam song was the primary sound

Agréable et prenant!Posted by Ilyass T. 2013-08-02

Jeu de voiture où l'on incarne Psy (interprète de Gangnam Style) qui est sur son 4X4, mais ça c'est pas important et qui doit parcourir la carte en 2D qui est recouverte de courbes et vallons! On a une réserve d'essence (généralement suffisante) et il est possible d'accélérer ou reculer et de titler le véhicule en tiltant le smartphone et ça suffit ! Ca vrombit, l'animation est bien faite, agréable et prenante, et surtout, on peut décoller dans les airs pour faire des flips en mode Air Time (une sorte de ralenti à la GTA pendant les modes cascade)! C'est sympa, ça permet de passer un bon moment et de se frotter à ses amis en comparant les scores... et c'est gratuit !

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